Top 5 Windows Apps for Developers

Windows apps

In recent years, the developer community has been experiencing rapid growth with more accessible learning programs. This surge of interest in the software development industry has driven them to seek ways to work smarter.

To address this need, the Microsoft app store offers a range of tools that can help developers write better code faster.

Here are some of them:

  • DevToys

DevToys is a complete app that brings together various developer tools in one place. It includes converters, encoders, decoders, graphic tools, and text tools for code validation.

DevToys is a valuable resource for developers looking to complete tasks more efficiently.

  • DA-FormMaker

DA-FormMaker is a user-friendly app designed by DA-Software. It caters to developers aiming to empower their websites with interactive forms.

It offers features such as creating multi-page forms, captcha spam protection, and templates.

  • Notepads App

Notepads App is a lightweight and free text editor that provides them with a modern and intuitive design. It offers a fast and responsive workspace for writing code or notes.

It supports multi-line handwriting and includes a built-in markdown live preview. In addition, it features a tab system and is open-source, allowing users to customize it to suit their preferences.

  • Termius

Termius is an app that improves the command line experience. It makes remote access for administrators and engineers more efficient and enjoyable.

Even with the free Termius plan, users can work in multiple sessions simultaneously.

A notable feature of Termius is its ability to simplify connecting to remote devices with just a few clicks.

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  • DBeaver

DBeaver is a powerful tool for advanced data management. It allows them to explore, process, and administer multiple SQL, NoSQL, and cloud data sources.

With DBeaver, they can create analytical reports based on records from various data sources. These Windows apps provide a valuable resource for developers looking to streamline their work.

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