WebAssembly to be supported by Ruby for CRuby binaries

WebAssembly-to-be-supported-by-Ruby-for-CRuby-binaries (1)

Ruby introduced Ruby 3.2.0, an upgrade to the popular open-source dynamic language during the last week of the year 2022. The new upgrade will provide initial support for WASI (WebAssembly System Interface).

Developers can produce CRuby binaries that work in web browsers, serverless edge environments, and other WebAssembly/WASI embedders with support for WebAssembly and WASI. Ruby 3.2.0, which is accessible at ruby-lang.org, provides an initial port of WASI that passes the fundamental and bootstrap test suites without using the Thread API.

The introduction of the WebAssembly binary instruction format made it possible to develop websites in a variety of languages and run programs in browsers quickly and safely. According to Ruby’s developers, WASI and WebAssembly lack the features necessary to implement Fiber, exception handling, and garbage collection at this time.

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