Wasmer 3.0 improves memory management and the API


Newly released Wasmer server-side runtime for WebAssembly (Wasm) version 3.0 features enhanced memory and API management, as well as direct WAPM (WebAssembly Package Manager) package execution.

The Rust API has been rebuilt in Wasmer 3.0, which is open source. Developers are now able to store Wasm objects in the Store securely thanks to the new API and memory management approach. A new MemoryView is also included in Wasmer 3.0, which also brings Wasmer-js, which uses Wasmer-bindgen to run Wasmer in the browser, feature parity with Wasmer-sys, which runs Wasmer natively. Now, any package published to wapm.io can be run directly from the Wasmer CLI thanks to an improved Wasmer run command.

Wasmer is marketed as a quick, secure WebAssembly runtime that enables small Wasm containers to run on desktops, in the cloud, at the edge, and on IoT devices.

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