VMware Brings Java 17 Support to Spring Boot Framework


VMware released Spring Boot 3.0, an update for creating micro services-based Java applications, which is based on the most recent Java Standard Edition (SE) platform long-term support release.

The most recent version of the framework, according to VMware’s Senior Director of Software Engineering Michael Minella, supports Java 17. The addition of this support is intended to persuade businesses to upgrade from Java 8 to the most recent long-term release of the platform without having to repeatedly update to earlier Java SE editions.

Along with version 6.0 of the Spring framework, Spring Boot 3.0 now natively supports GraalVM, a high-performance Java development kit (JDK), for creating Java applications using OpenJDK, an open source variant of Java SE that VMware made available earlier this month.

To increase the observability of Spring applications that will increasingly depend on multiple micro services, VMware added support for Micrometer and Micrometer Tracing.

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