Utility Cracks SafeDisc DRM for Retro Gamers


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SafeDisc DRM, a copy protection software attached to many classic PC games, has long been criticized for its poor security and invasiveness. Microsoft disabled it on Windows in 2015 due to these issues.

However, a fix called SafeDiskShim is now available on Github, which amends the main issues with SafeDisc without bypassing copy protection. SafeDiskShim is a simple driver fix that makes games rendered unplayable on Windows now safely playable once more.

This is good news for fans of classic PC games who want to play their old games off discs without risking a forced unsafe driver install or a cracked executable.

Read More: Utility breaks the shackles of SafeDisc optical disc DRM for retro gamers — SafeDiscShim restores playability for classic PC titles

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