Top Data Migration Tools in 2023

Data Migration Tools

Data migration is a crucial process in transferring data between systems, involving data movement from an old system to a new one using specific mapping patterns.

Most Popular Data Migration Tools

Here’s a brief overview of some of the top data migration tools in 2023:

1. Dextrus

Dextrus offers self-service data ingestion, transformation, cleansing, reporting, and machine-learning modeling capabilities.

2. IRI NextForm

IRI NextForm is a data and database migration utility with graphical profiling and migration features.

3. io is a cloud-based data integration platform that assists with cloud migrations and connecting to legacy systems.

4. DBConvert Studio

DBConvert Studio supports migrating data between popular on-premises databases.

5. Laplink PC Mover

Laplink PC Mover is a drive imaging tool that facilitates OS-independent restores.

6. AWS Data Migration

Amazon’s AWS Data Migration tool is designed for cloud data migration, supporting both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations.

7. Informix (IBM)

Informix by IBM supports data migration between different operating systems and servers.

8. Azure DocumentDB

Microsoft’s Azure Document DB Data Migration Tool assists in moving data from various sources into Azure Document DB.

9. Rsync

Rsync is a data migration tool for efficient data transfer between computer systems, working with Unix-like systems and using time stamps and file size for synchronization.

10. EMC Rainfinity

EMC Rainfinity File Management Appliance is designed to reduce storage management costs and perform data migration across heterogeneous servers and NAS environments.

11. Configero Data Loader

Configero’s Data Loader for Salesforce is a web-based application for inserting, updating, and deleting Salesforce data.

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12. Brocade’s DMM (Data Migration Manager)

Brocade’s DMM is an innovative solution for high-performance data migration in heterogeneous storage environments.

13. HDS Universal Replicator

Hitachi’s Universal Replicator software provides enterprise-level storage system replication with data management and recovery solutions.

Also, there’s a list of additional data migration tools, bringing the total count to 25.

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