Top 10 Serverless Framework Plugins

Serverless Framework

The Serverless Framework is an app management tool. It simplifies building, deploying, and maintaining serverless code. It supports multiple cloud function providers, promoting a multi-cloud approach to prevent vendor lock-in.

  1. Python Requirements Plugin: This plugin simplifies the deployment of Python serverless functions with third-party dependencies to AWS Lambda.
  2. Serverless AWS Alerts Plugin: This plugin enables real-time and CloudWatch alarms. It helps developers detect issues as they happen and ensure smooth application operation.
  3. Lumigo Serverless Plugin: This plugin enables distributed tracing for Node.js and Python functions.
  4. IAM Roles per Function Plugin: This plugin allows the assignment of specific IAM roles to each serverless function.
  5. Cognito Custom Attributes Plugin: This plugin simplifies CloudFormation user pool configuration.
  6. Reqvalidator Plugin: This plugin integrates API Gateway request validation for serverless functions.
  7. Offline Plugin: The Serverless Offline project emulates AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway locally.
  8. Step Functions Plugin: This plugin connects to AWS Step Functions, allowing state maintenance of the main application execution context.
  9. Serverless Webpack Plugin: This plugin integrates the serverless framework with Webpack. It centralizes control and simplifies the task of maintaining a serverless function framework.

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10. Serverless WSGI Plugin: This plugin eases deployment by configuring API Gateway and application load balancers.

Its extensibility through various plugins is a key feature. It lets developers choose the right extensions to improve their app’s deployment pipeline. These plugins provide a reusable and iterable architecture, helping developers confidently deploy changes.

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