Spring Authorization Server 1.0 Offers Oauth 2.1 and OpenID Connect 1.0 Support


VMWare has released Spring Authorization Server 1.0 more than two and a half years after it was introduced to the Java community.

The Spring Authorization Server project, which is built on top of Spring Security, supports the development of OAuth 2.1 Authorization Servers and OpenID Connect 1.0 Identity Providers. The project replaces the no longer maintained Spring Security OAuth project. Java 17 is a prerequisite for Spring Authorization Server, which is based on Spring Framework 6.0. According to the Feature List, the project supports Authorization Grants, Token Format, Client Authentication, and Protocol Endpoints.

The project’s major releases are supported for up to three years in accordance with the VMware Tanzu Open Source Software Support policy. VMware also provides 24/7 commercial support.

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