Python Coding Challenges in 2023

Python coding

Python coding challenges help programmers improve their skills. These challenges are designed to be practical and skill-enhancing exercises that can be tackled to reinforce Python knowledge.

The challenges cover various aspects of Python programming and encourage readers to apply their skills to solve real-world problems.

Here are the top 10 coding exercises:

1. Convert radians into degrees:

The challenge involves writing a Python function that takes a numeric parameter representing an angle in radians and converts it into degrees. It requires using Python’s `math` module, particularly the value of Pi.

2. Sort a list:

This challenge requires creating a Python function that takes a list of numbers and a string parameter. Depending on the string value (“asc,” “desc,” or “none”), the function should return the list sorted in ascending order, descending order, or in its original order.

3. Convert a decimal number into binary:

In this challenge, the task is to write a Python function that accepts a decimal number and returns the equivalent binary representation. The decimal number is guaranteed to be less than 1,024.

4. Count the vowels in a string:

This challenge focuses on creating a Python function that takes a single word as input and returns the count of vowels (a, e, i, o, and u) in the word, excluding ‘y’ as a vowel.

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5. Hide the credit card number:

The challenge involves writing a Python function that accepts a credit card number as input and returns a string with all characters except the last four replaced by asterisks.

The next five exercises are:

  • Are the Xs equal to the Os?
  • Create a calculator function
  • Give me a discount
  • Just the numbers
  • Repeat the characters

These challenges are ideal for Python beginners to gain hands-on experience and deepen their understanding of Python’s capabilities. By solving these problems, they can improve their coding skills and become more proficient in using Python for various tasks.

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