PSPDFKit Acquires Integrify, a Low-code Process Automation Platform Provider


PSPDFKit announced the acquisition of Integrify, a low-code process automation platform provider. By adding Integrify, PSPDF plans to expand its low-code document solution through business process automation capabilities.

The integration will speed up the implementation of strategic goals for a high-value, low-code document lifecycle platform, which will set new industry standards in high-volume document processing using AI. Such business process automation will operate in SaaS, public cloud, and on-premise deployments.

Integrify will offer a low-code solution, allowing integrations with third-party applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and Slack to create modern solutions.

Through this, users can set up custom forms, create new process flows, integrate notifications with existing third-party infrastructure, and build metrics and reporting to boost process, performance, and cost optimization.

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