Prime Server Side Scripting Languages

Server side scripting

Server-side scripting ensures that the browser only sends and retrieves correct information from the database.

Here are a few server-side scripting languages to consider:

1. Ruby

Ruby helps developers efficiently address common programming tasks, including memory management and concurrency. Its syntax is similar to other dynamic languages like Python and Perl. This means Ruby has elements of functional programming.

2. Python

While Python is a general-purpose language, developers can also use it for server-side scripting. It becomes quick and easy to code as Python offers many functions. Its clear syntax and use of indentation make the language easy to learn. Moreover, it can run on any operating system as a server-side language. But is mainly used for web applications.

3. Golang

Golang is a fresh programming language for lightweight web services built to run on mobile devices quickly. While many languages were designed to be completed on a large scale, Golang emphasizes smaller projects. It allows developers to deploy it one way to have a light web service. Moreover, developers can reuse the code as well.

4. NET/C#

ASP.NET/C# is a server-side scripting language that creates web applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. ASP.NET/C# can be used with other languages. This means it doesn’t limit the developers to using only C# when designing the program. But, the language is complex to learn for beginners.

5. Node.js

Node.js is a server-side scripting language that runs scripts in various programming languages, including JavaScript and CoffeeScript. Node.js’ ecosystem is mainly composed of custom modules. This means that developers are restricted by pre-built modules when developing software.

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Server-side scripting languages help add functionality and interactivity to the website. But, since they are a crucial aspect of programming, it is essential to choose the language that aligns with the project’s objectives.

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