Prime Search Engines for Programmers

Search Engines

It is sometimes challenging for developers to find essential information from popular search engines as they produce generic results. Unique search engines for developers offer data like- code snippets, exact syntax, and other necessary files about coding.

Here are some prime search engines for programmers.

1. Search Code

Programmers sometimes get confused while writing code in multiple languages. Search Code offers a list of necessary languages containing the needed functions.

2. GitHub

GitHub was built with Ruby on Rails. Programmers can rely on this search engine to gather relevant data. Moreover, it supports many languages and renders Git’s distributed version control and source code management functionality.

3. Krugle

This search engine is ideal for an open-source coder. It allows developers to research Open Source repositories and share the code with other programmers.

4. ByteMyCode

ByteMyCode is referred to as Code Gravity. It facilitates secure source code sharing. The search engine offers tiny code snippets.

5. PublicWWW

PublicWWW is a primary source code solution for conducting code searches. It provides over 1000000 results per search. It offers developers a CSV file download option and API if they need to integrate.

6. Merobase

Merobase allows programmers to find, reuse, and share software components. It harvests codes from, Apache, and Source Forge.

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7. DevXplore

DevXplore is an open-source search engine for programmers that allows them to search queries on the main UI. Moreover, the UI is seamless and user-friendly.

8. CSS Search

CSS Search answers CSS-related queries and is built for front-end developers. It allows programmers to analyze the results with W3 School and choose the results that align with the expectations.

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