Prime Coding Practices for Backend Development

Prime Coding Practices for Backend Development

Backend developers work on the server-side. They must focus on backend logic, application programming interface (APIs), architecture, and servers to ensure the website or app works efficiently.

Here are a few prime coding practices for backend development.

1. Input Validation

Hackers might intrude the system once the app is live, or users can trigger an unintended use case. Therefore, it is essential to implement rules to validate inputs. It ensures that only valid inputs go to the downstream systems. There are two ways to do this-

  • API gateways: Input validation at the API gateway level is generic and uses schema and format policies for validation.
  • Microservice level validation: This can be implemented to check the entries. It offers open-source libraries that developers can import into their projects for microservice-level validations.

2. Error Handling and Management

Unattended errors lead to complications in debugging. After input validation, developers must handle the identified errors to avoid a system-level impact. They can use error codes to handle exceptions. This ensures that the code returns the response code without crashing the service. Also, they can handle API errors with HTTP code to troubleshoot.

3. Concern Separation

Separation of concerns is a vital factor of software architecture. It makes the code modular and readable to other developers. This allows other developers to collaborate without spending time getting up to speed.

One of the ways to structure the code is to use the MVC framework, for instance. It can be implemented to separate the software’s model, view, and controller layers.

4. Test Case Writing and Documentation

As backend development is intricate, writing test cases before development helps visualize the end product. Test cases help minimize subsequent changes that can prolong product development. Moreover, it helps detect the possible adverse impacts of the changes made to the code base.

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