PLVision Introduces New SONiC-based Product for Campus and Edge Deployments


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PLVision introduces its new product, SONiC Lite, a sustainable solution for campus and edge deployments.

SONiC Lite follows PLVision’s commitment to building high-tech software that will allow users to implement open NOS on management and access switches how they see fit.

SONiC Lite reproduces the success of SONiC adoption for DC from different manufacturers with the help of unification and harmonization of the networking infrastructure.

The solution uses the latest SONiC features, including L3 routing, L2 switching, and security. SONiC Lite is lightweight and will consume less CPU, RAM, and storage, thus allowing SONiC to fit into a standard access switch.

Read More: SONiC Lite: PLVision Launched Its New SONiC-based Product for Campus and Edge Deployments

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