OpenAI makes a ChatGPT-like tool called Codex


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OpenAI maker ChatGPT has been working on Codex, a less well-known service that may fundamentally alter how developers conduct their business.

ChatGPT can respond to nearly any question posed to it with an answer that appears to have been written by a human using data it has gathered from across the internet. Codex is comparable, but it writes computer code as opposed to English sentences. Codex says that it will offer a solution with a string of code after developers specify the kind of software issue they are trying to fix.

According to the company, OpenAI, which has received more than USD 10 billion in funding from Microsoft and other backers, has recently increased its investment in Codex by hiring more than 1,000 independent contractors to write the code and supporting documentation that will help Codex improve as a programmer.

Read More: OpenAI makes a ChatGPT-like tool called Codex that can write software. Here’s why Codex won’t replace developers and will instead create more demand for their skills.

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