Open-source FerretDB provides a “drop-in replacement” for MongoDB

Open-source FerretDB provides a

FerretDB, described by its creators as a “truly open source MongoDB alternative,” has reached version 1.0 with “all the essential features capable of running document database workloads.”

FerretDB is an open source proxy that converts MongoDB 6.0+ wire protocol requests to SQL using PostgreSQL as the database engine. It is made available under the Apache 2.0 license. According to FerretDB Inc., the technology aims to return MongoDB database tasks to their “open source roots,” on April 11.

PostgreSQL and other database back ends can run MongoDB workloads with FerretDB. While efforts to support SAP HANA and SQLite are ongoing, Tigris is also supported as a back end. On GitHub, there are instructions for setting up FerretDB.

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