Nvidia Unveils Eos, its Fastest AI Supercomputer, Powered by 4,608 H100 GPUs Tuned for Generative AI


Nvidia has given the first public glimpse into the architecture of Eos, its newest enterprise-oriented supercomputer designed for advanced AI development at the data center scale. Eos is currently used by Nvidia and is ranked as the world’s No. 9 highest-performing supercomputer in the latest Top 500 list.

It is equipped with 576 DGX systems, 1,152 Intel Xeon Platinum 8480C processors, and 4,608 Nvidia GPUs, enabling Eos to achieve an impressive Rmax 121.4 FP64 PetaFLOPS as well as 18.4 FP8 ExaFLOPS performance for HPC and AI, respectively.

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