Next.js 13.5 provides faster startup times and updates


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Vercel has released the Next.js 13.5 web framework, which boasts faster startup and page reload times as well as reduced memory consumption. With the App Router and Pages Router, version 13.5 reduces local server startup time by 22% and enables developers to iterate more quickly.

The Vercel team has been working to increase the performance and dependability of App Router applications ever since Next.js 13.4 was unveiled in May. The Next.js 13.5 release also includes a faster version of HMR (Hot Module Replacement, also referred to as Fast Refresh). When saving changes, the new release is said to produce 29% faster iterations.

When using large icon or component libraries, other dependencies that re-export hundreds or thousands of modules, or other dependencies, version 13.5 also optimizes package imports, enhancing both local development performance and production cold starts.

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