MediaTek Uncovers RedCap Solutions to Deliver 5G Data Rates to IoT Devices


MediaTek announced the expansion of its modems and chipsets to support 5G RedCap. The new solutions, such as the M60 modem IP and the MediaTek T300 chipset series, will help MediaTek to make easy transitions to 5G-NR for applications that require efficient battery life. The applications include lightweight AR devices, wearables, IoT modules, and AI-driven devices.

RedCap is designed to bring the benefits of 5G to NR consumers, enterprises, and industrial devices. With the help of a 5G network, RedCap will help devices with low bandwidth to provide 5G solutions.

On-Chip (RFSOC) single-die solution for RedCap will allow brands to capitalize on the emerging RedCap market and create innovative designs for industrial, enterprise, AR, and data-card applications.

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