Kotlin 1.8.0 beta introduces test features

Kotlin-1.8.0-beta-introduces-test-features (1)
Kotlin-1.8.0-beta-introduces-test-features (1)

Kotlin 1.8.0, an upgrade to the JetBrains-developed, statically typed language for multiplatform mobile, web, and native development, is available in a beta release.

The updated version adds JVM experimental functions. With Kotlin 1.8.0, new experimental functions for java.nio.file.path that can recursively copy or delete directory content are added to the standard library. TimeMarks now have an additional experimental feature that enables elapse, now to read from multiple TimeMarks at once. Both sets of new functionality require opt-in. For java.util. Optional, Kotlin 1.8.0 also stabilizes extension functions.

In addition to adding features like support for Gradle 7.3, Kotlin 1.8.0, which was released on November 23, also removes support for the old JVM back end by disabling the -Xuse-old-backend compiler option.

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