Intel’s New Workstation Chips Aim to Beat AMD’s Threadripper, But The Xeon W9-3595X Refresh Disappointed with Underwhelming Performance on Geekbench


A new Geekbench 6 listing suggests a potential W-3500 Fishhawk Falls refresh is on the horizon. The listing features benchmark results of a mysterious new Xeon HEDT part: the Xeon W9-3595X (with 60 cores).

However, the new chip is slower than its predecessor, the W9-3495X (with 56 cores), in both single- and multi-core benchmarks. The Geekbench 6 result indicates a Fishhawk Falls refresh for Intel’s outgoing HEDT workstation platform.

Read More: Intel’s new workstation chips look to smash AMD’s Threadripper, but Xeon W9-3595X refresh appears on Geekbench with underwhelming performance figures

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