Graphic Design vs. Web Design: Key Differences

Web designers

Web design and graphic design complement each other, but they also stand alone. Web designers create user-friendly websites, while the latter help print ads, logos, and social media images.

Here are a few key differences between the two.

1. Different Technical Skills

Web designers must be familiar with programming that supports web building. Graphic design doesn’t require familiarity with programming since it is easy to customize designs without going through many limitations like web design.

2. Graphic is Static, Web is Dynamic

Web design has the flexibility to adapt and change as needed. More often, graphic design creates permanent imagery. This remains static once it’s printed or produced.

3. Graphic design is Permanent, and Web Design is Interactive

Graphic design is not as interactive as web design since graphic does not change unless it’s animated. Web design requires the user to interact with the design to increase its functionality thoroughly.

4. Different Software

Web designers use programming and web-building tools. Graphic designers use tools like Adobe or Canva.

5. Diverse File Size Requirements

While designing graphics for the web, pixels and DPI become a factor. Images for the web have specific size and pixel standards, but off of the web, the image needs more pixels to display correctly. Web design must adhere to technical constraints like loading time and file size.

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6. Costs

While web design requires continuous involvement, graphic design does not. It’s easy to make changes to a website. Changing the graphic design once printed can be expensive.

7. Web Designers Must Closely Work with Web Developers

Developers help designers understand the limitations based on the design they are trying to create. Web designers work with developers to map the goals and objectives of the website and offer prototypes and wireframes to web developers.

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