ChaosSearch Uncovers Integration with Amazon Bedrock


ChaosSearch announced the integration of Chaos LakeDB with Amazon Bedrock from AWS to develop and scale generative AI applications.

ChaosSearch initiates this integration to transform how organizations use generative AI to interact with their unified data lakes for observability and application insight use cases. This will improve simplicity, choice, and security for clients.

Chaos LakeDB customers can select any large language model (LLM) from Amazon Bedrock’s choice of high-performing FMs.

By combining Generative AI and ChaosSearch’s unified data lake, enterprises can use new possibilities to simplify data pipelines, data preparation, and data lakes at scale.

The pre-trained generative AI models will also be easily integrated with SQL analytics, creating an ideal launch for enterprises to make efficient improvements across observability, security lake, and uses of applications.

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