Astro, an open-source web framework, releases version 4.0


Astro, an open-source web framework, updated Astro 3.6 and released the beta of Astro 4.0. The team’s goal for Astro 4 is to take some new features out of experimental status and designate them as stable.

Vite 5’s most recent version, which was released last month, is also included in Astro 4.0. Astro’s internal build tool is called Vite. The team stated, “Since Vite 5 is also a minor major, most projects will be able to upgrade to Astro 4 with very little, if any, code changes.” Astro is built to perform well on websites with a lot of content, like blogs. It functions in the same domain as SolidStart, Next.js, Sveltekit, and Nuxt.js.

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