Asahi Linux releases ‘Fedora Asahi Remix’ for Apple Silicon machines

Asahi Linux releases 'Fedora Asahi Remix' for Apple Silicon machines

In a long-awaited move, the Asahi Linux team has released their flagship distribution, Fedora Asahi Remix, which includes full Linux support for Apple Silicon machines.

The announcement was made at the Flock to Fedora conference, and it involved a sizable amount of reverse engineering, development, and integration work to support the distinctive hardware architecture of Apple Silicon on different Linux distributions. The Fedora Asahi project is crucial in that it adopts a “upstream-first” philosophy, guaranteeing that their work is incorporated into the main distribution.

The company said they are able to concentrate on the strengths of hardware reverse engineering and creating custom drivers and software due to the collaboration with Fedora’s distro integration experts.

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