Android Studio Hedgehog Enhances Developer Experience, Upgrades to IntelliJ 2023.1, and More


Hedgehog, the most recent version of Android Studio, is now stable. It comes with IntelliJ 2023.1 and new features for increasing developer productivity, streamlining app performance, and using Jetpack Compose to create user interfaces.

Android Studio Hedgehog has support for Android Vitals, which enables developers to obtain crash data without even instrumenting their apps, in order to assist them in making their apps better. With just one click, developers can effortlessly display the crash stack trace in the IDE and view, filter, and see crash insights from Google Play.

Furthermore, executing A/B tests to compare how various implementations differ in terms of power consumption is made possible by the new Power Profiler’s ability to visualize the correlation between power consumption and various tasks within an app.

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