10 Blockchain Programming Languages

Blockchain programming language

Blockchain programming languages help developers write smart contracts and build end-to-end applications for Blockchain.

Here are 10 Blockchain programming languages.

1. Solidity

Solidity is statically typed curly braces for developing smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). While the programming language provides a high accuracy rate, its user-friendly features make it more flexible.

2. Java

Java frames Blockchain Programming of Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, IOTA, and NEO. It is platform-independent and developer-friendly.

3. Python

Python is ideal for Blockchain programming due to its easy-to-use shortcodes. Moreover, it executes the line individually, making it easier to detect and debug errors.

4. C++

Blockchain Programming is easy with C++ as it is abundant in terms of run-time polymorphism, function overloading, and multithreading. It allows developers to modify the data accordingly.

5. Ruby

Ruby has solid memory allocation abilities. It enables developers to frame Blockchain Programming through third-party APIs and plugins.

6. Go

Go is a compiled and statically typed programming language with many prominent features. It is ideal for Blockchain development as it is developer-friendly, easy to use, rapid, and non-rigid.

7. C#

Blockchain programming Stratis, NEO, and IOTA use C#. Moreover, its Rich library class makes it easier to use menu functions and deploy them at the coding bus stop.

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8. Simplicity

Simplicity is a relatively new language. It is explicitly designed for Blockchain development. It provides high security and reliability and is less prone to errors than other languages.

9. Rholang

The Rholang is a Blockchain programming language. It is easier to understand and runs on the Rchain world.

10. PHP

PHP is an open-source and platform-independent language used to develop Blockchain programming. Its built-in database connection module saves time for web application development.

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