10 Alternatives to JavaScript for Frontend


JavaScript is the most common language used for developing web pages. Developers use it to update and change HTML and CSS. So, what are the alternatives to JavaScript for the frontend?

  1. Typescript: Typescript is an object-oriented programming language. It offers powerful tools for development and, higher scalability and cross-platform features.
  2. Elm: Elm offers an ideal ecosystem and is a statically written program. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It enables the users to break the data into smaller modules.
  3. Dart: Dart is a programming language developed for client use. It is well-known for laying out the basis of applications related to servers and desktops. It is object-oriented and cross-platform with a C-style syntax system.
  4. PHP: PHP is a server-side language. It is used for scripting and is embedded in the HTML system. Moreover, it uses a C language and a few parts of C++.
  5. CoffeeScript: CoffeeScript was first typed in ruby language but used CoffeeScript later. Developers can use this language to make the code of JavaScript better.
  6. ClojureScript: Clojure is a compiler for Clojure. It targets that targets JavaScript. This alternative is built to emit the JavaScript operating code.
  7. Kotlin: Kotlin is used to develop Android-based apps. It is an interactive programming language that has a short Syntax.

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8. Flutter: Flutter is an open-source software development system. It is used to develop apps for Android, IOS, and Windows. It uses Dart, C, and C++ to make interactive apps.

9. Phoenix Framework: Phoenix framework is typed in Elixir. It is used to develop high-performance and modern apps much faster.

10. Scala: Scala is a robust all-purpose programming. It is used for data processing, distribution of computing, and web development.

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