10 Alternatives to JavaScript for Backend

JavaScript for Backend

A backend program helps developers store the written code needed for the site to function. Without a backend program, the website cannot function properly. Mostly, JavaScript is the most common language used for developing web pages. So, what are the alternatives to JavaScript for the backend?

  1. Ruby: It is a technologically advanced language that helps build desktop apps and numerous tools. It offers countless solutions to address a single issue.
  2. Python: It is easy to understand and oriented towards the center object with active semantics. The language is assembled with high-level data and statistics shared.
  3. Perl: Perl is a multipurpose programming language. It is used for organization management, web progress, and software design. Furthermore, the file formatting in Perl is simple.
  4. Rust: Rust is a statically typed programming language. It inclines to resolve problems in main hardware or memory and synchronized programming.
  5. NET: ASP.NET contains previously made tools and software development languages. It has almost 13 versions, and developers can select the one that matches their needs.
  6. Elixir: It is a valuable programming language for developers looking for low-potential and dispersed apps. It is used to advance websites and interactive program processing.
  7. Golang: Golang is an open-source, composed, and statically inscribed programming language. It is simple to recite and comprehend and can be used by novice developers.
  8. PHP: PHP is labelled server-side and placed in HTML. It is a well-defined object-centered program writing platform. But, it cannot be used for all-purpose developments.
  9. C#: C# includes static typing of the code, solid code typing, valuable, universal, commanding, stating, and object-centered.
  10. Kotlin: Kotlin gives better readability and requires writing fewer codes due to its capability of multiplatform programming.

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