ZTE Corporation’s Green Networks Improves Sustainable Development


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ZTE Corporation, a leading provider of information and communication technology solutions worldwide, demonstrated its advanced technology innovations, green and low-carbon visions and achievements in green networking to visitors of MWC Shanghai 2023. The event was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, where ZTE presented its fascinating green ecological island, fully in line with the theme of “Green for All”.

Achieving a green and low-carbon society is a long-term goal that requires constant commitment. As network traffic increases, the challenge of achieving this goal becomes even greater. ZTE firmly believes that the solution lies in embracing technological innovation and continuously improving products and solutions to more intelligently reduce the power consumption of each unit of data By prioritizing improvements in less energy consumption, ZTE strives to contribute to the realization of a sustainable and environmentally friendly society.

At MWC Shanghai, ZTE showcased its technological innovations in green energy-saving networks. In the Radio Access Network (RAN), ZTE’s PowerPilot solution, now in the Pro version, made significant progress, enabling additional energy savings of 35%. In the core network , ZTE introduced theindustry’s first intelligent green User Plane Function (UPF) based on R17, resulting in intelligent energy savings of 25% during periods of low network traffic. ZTE also demonstrated comprehensive solutions for optimizing energy savings in the carrier network, including motherboards, devices and networks.

Furthermore, ZTE demonstrated its innovative VC composite temperature equalization motherboard technology, allowing visitors to experience the tactile cooling effect using an infrared thermometer.

In telecommunications energy, ZTE unveiled its carbon-free energy network solution V2.0. This innovative solution integrates cloud-based management for green power generation, high-efficiency power conversion, intelligent energy storage and accurate power consumption. By covering the entire power supply chain, this solution realizes comprehensive energy savings, emission reduction and efficiency improvement, thus contributing to a sustainable and low-carbon future.

In its pursuit of promoting green energy conservation, ZTE’s solutions are carefully designed with mechanisms such as minimum set wake-up (activation) and sudden peak traffic protection. These features provide a seamless user experience while creating networks that are not only green and energy efficient, but also reliable and resilient. With integration of these mechanisms, ZTE is trying to strike a balance between environmental sustainability and providing high-quality network services to its users.

ZTE is strongly committed to sustainable development and takes steps to pave the green way for the digital economy, contributing to the global goal of carbon neutrality. In 2022, ZTE achieved remarkable results in its green and low-carbon goals, with energy savings of 57.56 million kWh and a total carbon emission reduction of 7.48% compared to the previous year, with sales continuing to increase.

On May 24 this year, during the “ZTE Innovation Day” event in Shenzhen , ZTE announced its participation in the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative for establishing science-based carbon reduction targets. In line with the requirements of the initiative, ZTE will set science-based short-term goals and long-term goals for net zero. The aim is to reach greenhouse gas emission reduction targets consistent with the 1.5°C warming limit within 5-10 years and to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

As a world leader in integrated communication information solutions, ZTE is actively involved in green-related public welfare activities. ZTE cooperates with the China Green Carbon Foundation to establish the “ZTE Public Welfare Ecological Conservation Special Fund” and implements tree planting initiatives in Baihu River Forest Farm, led by the Tangwanghe Forestry Bureau of Yichun City, Heilongjiang province , to help restore the ecological environment locally.

At the Shanghai exhibition , ZTE introduced its ” Forest Carbon Sink ” charity program, which promotes tree planting through QR code scanning. This initiative was presented at MWC Shanghai, with the aim of raising public awareness of environmental protection and encouraging active participation in ecological conservation.

During a media interview, Ms. Chen Zhiping, Vice President of ZTE and General Manager of Branding and Public Relations Strategies , highlighted ZTE’s outstanding achievements in embracing the principles of green and low-carbon practices. By the end of 2022, ZTE’s energy-saving green network solutions had been successfully deployed in more than 30 networks worldwide, covering more than 1.5 million locations and 250,000 data centers. These solutions have played an important role in helping network providers around the world save 10 billion kWh of electricity annually.

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Ms. Chen emphasized ZTE’s unwavering commitment to its environmental positioning as the “Engine of the Digital Economy”. ZTE is committed to expanding its sustainable development concepts and innovative solutions to other industries, contributing to the digital transformation and progress of society, giving priority to sustainability. Through cooperation with its partner, Anxing, ZTE has made further progress in improving the transparency and accuracy of control data for energy production, as well as improving smarter energy management of enterprises.

Looking ahead, through continuous technological innovation, ZTE is determined to continue promoting the sustainable development of the digital economy. The company, in collaboration with its partners, will actively explore new and different application scenarios and make substantial contributions to both society and the environment.

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