Newly Released YugabyteDB 2.19 and YugabyteDB Voyager 1.5 Expand Application Reach of YugabyteDB, Simplify Application Architecture, and Power Live Migration from Oracle to distributed PostgreSQL


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Yugabyte, the modern transactional database company, today announced the general availability of YugabyteDB 2.19 with bimodal query execution and built-in cloud native connection management. Together, these capabilities expand the reach of distributed PostgreSQL to applications at every scale while simplifying application architecture and migration.

The new bimodal query execution capability of YugabyteDB enables lift-and-shift migration to a modern distributed database without the need to re-architect applications or worry about performance. Organizations that are modernizing their transactional databases have to choose between semi-distributed databases such as Amazon Aurora and Google AlloyDB and fully distributed databases such as Google Spanner. Semi-distributed databases offer a simple lift-and-shift migration without the need to re-architect applications, but are limited in scale, eventually forcing another migration when needs grow.

YugabyteDB 2.19 enables midsize applications running on single-node database instances to seamlessly move to a fully distributed database environment. The new co-located tables in YugabyteDB help ensure performance comparable to single-node PostgreSQL for midsize applications. And as the app grows, YugabyteDB seamlessly shifts to a fully-distributed mode to provide the massive scaling benefits of distributed SQL. Switching between data co-location at smaller scale and automatic data sharding and distribution at large scale, organizations can stop worrying about data migrations ever again. YugabyteDB is the world’s only database management system that is fully PostgreSQL compatible and provides seamless scalability from single-node to fully distributed query execution.

YugabyteDB 2.19 also introduces highly scalable connection management capabilities built into the distributed database, eliminating the need for an external connection pooler. Together with the YugabyteDB Smart Driver technology, these innovations push the state of SQL forward, allowing developers to focus more time and energy on innovative and value-added services.

“Developers around the world turn to PostgreSQL for its familiarity and ease of use,” said Karthik Ranganathan, co-founder and CTO of Yugabyte. “YugabyteDB turbocharges PostgreSQL with built-in resilience, seamless scalability, and more. YugabyteDB 2.19 builds upon our market-leading compatibility to meet the evolving needs of modern applications and future-proof them with a unified platform that can power applications that need global scale and those that are still growing—all through the power of new dynamic query execution.”

Other YugabyteDB 2.19 updates include:

  • Simplify Application Architecture with Connection Pooling: Another first for a distributed SQL solution, YugabyteDB 2.19 delivers built-in connection management, turning a common PostgreSQL challenge into a strength. New native connection pooling uses logical connections to seamlessly ensure applications are always connected to the database. When combined with our unique Smart Drivers, YugabyteDB greatly simplifies the application architecture and accelerates productivity. This delivers up to 5x more connections and up to 20x faster connection creation than standard PostgreSQL.
  • Optimize Performance with the Cost Based Optimizer: To further help deliver PostgreSQL-like performance for any application, YugabyteDB 2.19 includes a brand new, distributed-aware Cost Based Optimizer (CBO). This new costing model was built from the ground up to fully capitalize on YugabyteDB’s unique distributed storage layer, including support for query pushdowns, LSM indexes, and batched nested loop joins. Supported by an innovative new query optimizer testing framework, the new CBO can improve the actual query execution times by up to 40% for some queries. The CBO is available in preview today and can be enabled by setting two flags
  • Build Generative AI Apps Faster: YugabyteDB 2.19 previews support for pgvector, a popular PostgreSQL extension. This enables vector similarity search and storing embeddings for applications that require these capabilities. Yugabyte is also incorporating generative AI for support and troubleshooting, SQL query generation, and database migration.

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Perform Live Migrations with YugabyteDB Voyager 1.5

The latest release of Yugabyte’s open source end-to-end migration tool, YugabyteDB Voyager 1.5, introduces live, non-disruptive migration from Oracle. Organizations can now untether critical applications from the complexity and cost of Oracle databases without impacting their apps availability. The new release also introduces new fall back and fall forward capabilities.

Finally, YugabyteDB Voyager 1.5 will preview a powerful new migration assessment feature that scans available apps and databases. The detailed assessment will give organizations additional confidence and insight into which applications, data and schema are most ready to be migrated—allowing them to accelerate their modernization efforts.

YugabyteDB Managed introduces multi-region clusters on Azure

YugabyteDB Managed introduces support for multi-region clusters on Azure, bringing unmatched performance, availability and scalability across 66 cloud regions, including 15 Azure regions, for seamless cloud-native deployment. YugabyteDB Managed also now supports effortless exporting of metrics by integrating with observability providers such as Datadog, Grafana Cloud and more.

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