Yugabyte University Celebrates 13,000 Student Milestone with New Courses on DBaaS, Cloud Native Apps, and Distributed SQL


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Yugabyte, the leading open source distributed SQL database company, today announced new learning paths and professional certifications in Yugabyte University to meet the growing demand for education around distributed SQL, database as-a-service (DBaaS), and cloud-native development. 

Since its launch in 2021, Yugabyte University has garnered over 13,000 students and 21,000 course enrollments from data practitioners and developers around the world. Students have received over 2,400 professional certifications from Yugabyte University.

“We launched Yugabyte University as an accessible platform for learning and enablement,” said Karthik Ranganathan, co-founder and CTO, Yugabyte. “Yugabyte University is meant for developers, architects and database administrators at any level to find the resources they need to embrace distributed SQL and cloud-native applications in their organizations. It has been exciting to see the program grow over the past year, and we look forward to the new innovations that will come from our expanded certification program and new learning paths.”  

Yugabyte University now offers four new learning paths designed to ensure YugabyteDB users across all experience levels can expand their skill sets and harness all the benefits of distributed SQL:  

  • YugabyteDB for Administrators covers key concepts, CLI tools, and operational playbooks for installing, configuring, managing, monitoring, and scaling a YugabyteDB cluster.  
  • YugabyteDB Anywhere for Administrators provides training on managing YugabyteDB universes using Yugabyte Anywhere. 
  • YugabyteDB YCQL for Developers is a hands-on learning path for developers building internet-scale applications using a query-driven design methodology for semi-relational workloads.
  • YugabyteDB YSQL for Developers covers how to build geo-distributed applications for transactional workloads with YugabyteDB and frameworks like Spring.

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To facilitate the student learning experience, Yugabyte University offers courses with hands-on labs that feature a browser-based, interactive shell for YugabyteDB Managed. The interactive shell makes it easy for students to complete labs and build applications without having to install YugabyteDB.

Yugabyte University is part of Yugabyte’s holistic enablement program for enterprise customers who have embraced distributed SQL. As businesses across multiple industries including financial services, telecommunications, retail and e-commerce adopt cloud-native architectures, the need for database architects and administrators is growing. Technical enablement can eliminate barriers and accelerate the adoption of new technologies, like distributed SQL, that offer a competitive edge.

By completing courses and earning professional certifications Yugabyte University students can hone their skills to increase their value to their organization and accelerate their career advancement.

In addition to offering free training, Yugabyte hosts regular Distributed SQL Summit (DSS) events that bring together developers, database administrators, architects, and technology leaders to discuss, collaborate, share ideas, and learn with fellow app developers and database practitioners.

The upcoming DSS Day Amsterdam will be hosted today (April 18th), in collaboration with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe. The interactive event will bring together the Kubernetes community to learn how distributed SQL databases are shaking up the decades-old regime of traditional RDBMS.

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