Yugabyte Is the First Distributed SQL Database to Be Named a CSA Trusted Cloud Provider


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Yugabyte, the leading open source distributed SQL database company, today announced that YugabyteDB has become the first distributed SQL database to earn the Trusted Cloud Provider trustmark from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). CSA is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. 

Built upon existing CSA programs, the Trusted Cloud Provider program enables consumers to pick cloud providers that demonstrate their commitment to holistic security and that align with their individual security requirements.

“Security and data privacy processes are critical to how we design and operate YugabyteDB, whether it’s consumed as a self-managed or fully-managed database as a service (DBaaS). We recognize that security is a priority for enterprises undergoing database modernization initiatives,” said Maurice Olsen, Director, Information Security and Compliance, Yugabyte. “As the company behind the distributed SQL database of choice for business-critical workloads, we are committed to delivering the necessary features and processes to ensure YugabyteDB safely manages large amounts of critical data in production environments.”

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Yugabyte is on a mission to become the cloud native database for business-critical applications. Delivering and demonstrating robust data security is key to this mission. Security and privacy are embedded from the very start into Yugabyte’s company ethos, products, and product development process to meet modern compliance requirements. Earning the CSA Trusted Cloud Provider trustmark shows Yugabyte’s ongoing commitment to meeting stringent security requirements and follows recent announcements on achieving ISO 27001 certification and completing our SOC 2 Type 2 attestation. 

“As an early pioneer in the fast-growing category of distributed SQL databases, we are thrilled to have Yugabyte join other cloud database providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft in earning CSA’s Trusted Cloud Provider trustmark,” said Jim Reavis, CEO and co-founder, Cloud Security Alliance. “The mark demonstrates the ongoing commitment Yugabyte has made to following best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment.”

To become a CSA Trusted Cloud Provider, organizations must:

  • Have a current entry in the CSA Security, Trust, Assurance & Risk (STAR) registry
  • Ensure at least one current member of staff has achieved the CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)
  • Be a corporate member and volunteer at least 20 hours annually to CSA for activities such as research working groups, chapter events, blog posts, and other work for the common good 
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