Wondershare Recoverit V12 Provides A Complete Data Recovery Solution with Robust Video Recovery Features


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Wondershare is proud to announce the release of the brand-new Recoverit V12. This version comes with a range of exciting new features and enhancements for recovering lost photos, videos, documents and more, making it the go-to solution for those who love capturing content on the go.

Recoverit V12 focuses on video recovery, providing users with a reliable tool for preserving and restoring valuable video data in various scenarios, formats, and devices.

It is crucial for professional photographers and videographers to have multiple backups of their videos to ensure file security. Accidental deletion or loss of original videos is often a common issue. Recoverit V12 offers deep scanning and optimizes the recovery process for professional video files, such as MXF, MOV, and MP4. It also supports movie cameras’ RAW format and scans .ari, .arx, .braw, .r3d, and other professional video formats.

In addition, this feature comes in handy especially when users need to use videos like home surveillance videos and dashcam recordings as evidence for unexpected incidents. Whether the data is lost due to automatic overwriting or the device running out of power, Recoverit V12 supports the recovery of these types of videos so that users can enjoy peace of mind.

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One of the best advancements of Recoverit V12 is that it has developed more recovery scenarios, including:

  • Deep scanning support for Mac M2 chips
  • Saving recovered files into a network disk
  • Recovering file data from Mac TimeMachine
  • Enhancing NAS and Linux Recovery features with the new xfs/zfs file systems support.

“With the aim of providing users with a professional data recovery solution, Recoverit V12 expands video recovery capabilities while maintaining an easy-to-use interface and low operation costs,” says Nicole Yu, the Recoverit Product Director.

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