WiMi Hologram Cloud Announces A Patent For Interactive Holographic Display System To Web 3.0


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WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality Technology provider, today announced the publication of a core patent that can provide appropriate technical application and solution for Web 3.0.

The patent’s abstract shows that WiMi discloses an interactive holographic display system comprising a login verification unit, an interaction unit, a processing unit, a display unit, and an auxiliary unit. The login verification unit is responsible for logging in, calculating, and collecting fees. The interaction unit is connected to the processing unit and is responsible for receiving and capturing the user’s holographic imaging information and transmitting it to the processing unit. The processing unit is responsible for obtaining and analyzing the imaging information from the interaction unit, deriving the imaging information for the front-end display, and issuing timing instructions. The display unit is responsible for receiving the imaging information output from the processing unit and displaying it in real-time, as well as comparing the display content with the incoming display imaging information. The auxiliary unit is responsible for supplying power to the other units in the system and for transferring data between the units. The present invention also discloses a display method for an interactive holographic display system. It is user-friendly and suitable for promotional use.

The schematic logic diagram divides the system into five functional units: the login verification unit, the processing unit, the interaction unit, the display unit, and the auxiliary unit. The system offers the user a wealth of imagination. Based on WiMi’s description, it can be learned that with the support of interactive holographic technology,  the system can provide the user with different perspectives and more vivid and exciting content. The holographic interactive screen can present dynamic character movements and scene changes, and the user can also choose the length of use, online payment, multiplayer connection, and other functions.

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The holographic technology also allows seamless switching of images, text, and other information to be dynamically displayed. With the support of interactive holographic technology, users can have a better viewing experience. The holographic interactive platform allows for real-time dynamic visual, auditory, and tactile interaction, providing a rich visual and auditory experience for holographic digital content.

WiMi is keen to see more and more ideas for new technological innovations emerge in this window stage of Web 3.0 development. For example, the popularity of visually stunning holograms will allow for a more interactive experience, and WiMi hopes to see more convenient and intelligent applications to serve users.

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