WEMADE PLAY – Mobile Puzzle Game ‘BT21 Pop Star’, Introducing Its Global Service


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WEMADE PLAY, a Korean mobile game developer, announced ‘BT21 Pop Star’, its mobile puzzle game will become available in global markets including North America and Europe beginning March 22 (Korea local time).

‘BT21 Pop Star’ is the ‘3-match type (to match the same 3 blocks)’ mobile puzzle game that was developed based on BT21, a globally loved character IP created by IPX (F.K.A LINE FRIENDS). The game will feature BT21 characters KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY, and VAN as puzzle blocks where gamers can enjoy raining BT21 characters with playing puzzles and continuing the story.

‘BT21 Pop Star’ has its transcendent amusement of the puzzle play that anybody can enjoy, various 400 puzzle stages at the launching version only, thrill at hand from powerful-functioned special blocks and spectacular visual effect etc. In particular, gamers can complete the story of BT21 characters as a fairy tale with the system to collect the puzzle pieces as the stages proceed to complete the original story which is expected to be idiosyncratic amusement to the global users who love BT21, as well as puzzle games.

In addition, real-time social contents are one of the beauties in ‘BT21 Pop Star’ which is rare in mobile puzzle games; users all around the world can see and exchange on real-time basis with the social contents in ‘BT21 Pop Star’ like ‘Crown Stars’ where maximum 10 players can compete their puzzle skills at the same time and ‘Club’ where users can exchange their Hearts during chatting.

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“Prepare to embark on an epic gaming journey with ‘BT21 Pop Star’, a highly anticipated game that promises to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience by seamlessly blending the globally beloved BT21 character IP with the powerful game development prowess amassed from the staggering 150 million downloads of the iconic Korean national game ‘ANIPANG’,” said Yeo Chang-Yong, team leader of WEMADE PLAY. “I have great expectations for ‘BT21 Pop Star’, and I firmly believe that this game will surpass all expectations by providing the best possible service and content that will delight gamers and IP enthusiasts worldwide,” he continued.

Meanwhile, WEMADE PLAY holds the global launching event of ‘a cherry blossom festival’ as of March 21, where ‘BT21 Pop Star’ was on Google Play and Apple AppStore. The event proceeds with the competence with other players with cherry blossom petals, acquired from a puzzle play, to get reward. Anybody can participate the occasion from March 21 to April 3.

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