Vuzix Announces The Vuzix Ultralite™ OEM Platform To Better Facilitate Visual GPT & Other AI Functions


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Vuzix® Corporation, a leading supplier of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and products, today announced that following its formal unveiling at CES 2023, the Vuzix Ultralite™ smart glasses OEM platform has continued to garner broad and strong interest from many potential OEM customers spanning consumer electronics, software, telecoms and general eyewear manufacturers. The form and functionality of its design, working wirelessly in concert with nearly any modern mobile phone, makes it the ideal complementary and wearable accessory that can help usher in a new era of artificial intelligence (AI) based consumer functionality. Using a wireless connection, Vuzix Ultralite can effortlessly leverage the power of Android© and iOS© mobile phones for everything from language translation to visual/contextual search, to text notifications and instructions.

The Vuzix Ultralite™ OEM platform solution is a turnkey offering designed specifically for the broader enterprise and consumer markets.  Weighing in at a mere 38 grams and so power-efficient that it can run for two days on a single charge, Vuzix Ultralite™ is the world’s most fashion forward smart glasses available. Vuzix’ advanced monocular waveguide optics and custom micro display engine work together to create a crisp, transparent image over the wearer’s real world view that wirelessly delivers all the important information on a user’s smartphone without needing to take the phone out of their pocket or purse. This versatile combination of form and function answers the market demand for smart glasses technology that looks just like a pair of fashionable eyeglasses and opens up a broad range of new market applications. Prescription-ready and highly customizable, the Vuzix Ultralite OEM platform is ideal for users’  heads-up display needs such as language translation, closed captioning, messaging, directions, health reporting, and workout status among many other things, all while the technology they’re wearing disappears. The fast-growing capabilities of AI programs such as OpenAI and Visual GPT, are expected to just accelerate the demand in the upcoming years for wearable AI-compatible solutions.

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“The Ultralite platform, with its low weight, see-though display, fashionable design, with the flexibility to add technology from sensing cameras to mics, along with a two-day battery life, presents the state-of the-art solution for the broader markets.  Combining the amazing capabilities of AI-based programs such as ChatGPT and visual search with the true wearability and functionality of the Ultralite Platform puts it in a league of its own,” said Paul Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix.  “As a technology leader, Vuzix has been working, with our partners, on AI and Machine Learning for years.  It is great to see consumer and enterprise acceptance of these technologies grow and this will surely lead to a greater focus on Regenerative AI, Visual GPT, GPT-3 and other technologies from Vuzix and our partners.”

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