Volt’s In-Service Upgrade Brings First Zero-Downtime Guarantee to Real-Time Market


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Volt Active Data (Volt), the only real-time decisioning platform designed to support the latency, scale, consistency, and cloud/edge processing demands of modern enterprise applications, today introduced Active(ISU) for In-Service Upgrades, a first-of-its-kind offering delivering ‘five nines’ availability for any enterprise.

With Active(ISU), operators finally have an elegant solution for intra-cluster node upgrades, without having to shut anything down. There is no longer a need to replicate clusters or use expensive resources at premium times. They can perform upgrades with zero downtime and while in service — a key requirement for cloud-native deployments.

“This is the risk-mitigation solution the market has been waiting for,” said Volt CEO David Flower. “5G latency SLAs are now in the single-digit millisecond range, and you can no longer rely on routing traffic to another data center while a site is being upgraded. The round trip simply takes too long, and building a third cluster for upgrade purposes is far too costly.”

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Active(ISU) cements Volt’s standing as a leader in providing tangible business value to enterprise customers who require real-time data processing at massive scale and low latency. Volt-powered applications make decisions on billions of mission-critical events every day.

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