Veriff Announces Video Gaming-Focused Identity Verification Offering


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Veriff, a global identity verification provider, has released enhanced identity verification capabilities tailored specifically for the video gaming industry. The offering streamlines the identity verification (IDV) process for gamers, while helping gaming platforms safeguard their users by ensuring that players are only able to access age-appropriate content.

Today, there are an estimated 3.24 billion active gamers around the world, and that number is only expected to increase. But with this expanding user base also comes increased challenges for gaming platforms, such as managing the influx of underage users trying to gain access to age-restricted content, hacking, and trollers, and the need to remain compliant with evolving global privacy regulations.

Veriff’s verification flow easily identifies if users meet age criteria by extracting the date of birth from a person’s government issued identity document and using data to calculate their age. The technology also ensures that the person is using a valid document – and that they are its rightful owner. Key benefits include:

  • Reputation protection: Veriff’s age-verification technology helps enforce age-restricted spaces that shield children from inappropriate content.
  • Parental consent verification: Veriff helps parents give consent and ensure that their children only experience visuals and content that are age appropriate.
  • Stop multi-accounting: Veriff’s device and network fingerprinting solution, combined with face block listing technology, can stop multi-accounting and other fraud attempts.
  • A frictionless IDV process: User experience is optimized to make the IDV process intuitive and require minimal manual user input. Assisted Image Capture gets users onboarded quickly and seamlessly and helps businesses maximize conversions without sacrificing safety.
  • Business expansion: Veriff’s global document specimen database and ability to verify more than 11K government issued IDs from over 230 countries and territories in 48 languages and dialects enables businesses to expand into new markets to drive new revenue opportunities.
  • Global compliance: Veriff helps ensure compliance in regions where age verification is required to purchase video games.

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“The gaming universe is constantly evolving, presenting an increasing number of opportunities for gaming platforms, but also significant challenges when it comes to trust online,” said Janer Gorohhov, co-founder and CPO of Veriff. “Today’s video gaming companies have begun incorporating parent/guardian verification solutions and implementing age-appropriate design code standards to help foster more trust in gaming environments. With Veriff’s latest identity verification capability, we help our customers build trust within their gaming communities and create a safer gaming world for users and video gaming platforms alike.”

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