Vaultree Launches Software Development Kit, Making Scalable In-use Data Encryption Available to Every Business


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More than 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches occurred in 2022, with an estimated 22 billion files leaked. Most of them were not encrypted. Vaultree , the leader in in-use data encryption, today announces the general availability of a revolutionary software development kit (SDK) to address this massive need.

Made possible by a series of major cryptographic advancements by the Vaultree team, the SDK is an intuitive, simple-to-integrate, easy-to-use and fully scalable solution that enables enterprises to benefit from fully functional data encryption in in use, allowing the processing of fully encrypted data without server-side decryption, complex intermediaries, or noticeable delays in data processing.

Vaultree developed the solution to solve the problems associated with processing fully encrypted data at scale, ensuring that businesses no longer need to sacrifice security for performance and are able to protect their data at all times. with unparalleled simplicity and exceptional crypto processing rates. Businesses can keep their technology stack, database, code and SQL syntax, follow the rules and operate without any noticeable changes, with the added benefit of being completely encrypted and at scale. Vaultree’s SDK provides protection including grip, security, and efficiency. So, in the event of a leak, rather than apologizing about the exposure of sensitive data,

This layer of protection also makes life easier for CISOs by solving one of cybersecurity’s toughest challenges: persistently encrypting data, even in the event of a leak, with the first fully functional data encryption solution in the pipeline. use. Until now, encryption technologies have not been able to process encrypted data, decrypt it into plain text for processing and therefore impact the overall data security of enterprises, which makes their data easily accessible to cybercriminals. Vaultree’s encryption solution is the smartest, fastest, easiest and most efficient on the market. Truly zero trust, it allows users to work with fully encrypted data without key disclosure or server-side decryption. In-use data encryption keeps data permanently encrypted, even while it is being processed. As an added benefit, no middleman is needed, resulting in a zero learning curve and zero implementation costs, for optimal adoption.

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Ease of integration and use is another critical differentiator of Vaultree’s encryption SDK solution. No need to be a cryptographer, no need for intermediaries (APIs, proxies or plugins), no change in data architecture, and no change in code or SQL syntax. This remarkable adaptability has made the product a leading driver in the market.

“Vaultree’s breakthrough solution is the first of its kind and will change the encryption ecosystem as we know it. Data security is not only one of the hot topics of today, but also of tomorrow. Vaultree is paving the way to a safer future,” said Rinki Sethi, Vaultree Board Member.

Vaultree’s encryption solution SDK addresses the drawbacks of conventional and modern encryption methods with an array of features, including:

  • Close to plain text processing speed, even at scale
  • The keys reside with the client
  • End-to-end encryption during use, client-side decryption only
  • No changes to stack, SQL syntax, data structure, network architecture and topology
  • Complex processing from full-text search to calculations on randomized numerical data
  • Enterprise-level performance and scalability
  • No need for special purpose equipment

Optimal processing on fully encrypted data allows businesses to scale to billions of data sets while processing data at speeds similar to processing unencrypted data. Businesses handling large amounts of sensitive data, including in the financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, retail, telecommunications and energy industries, will be able to Mitigate the enormous economic, cyber, legal, reputational and business risk of a plaintext data breach — through data encryption.

“Breaches or leaks will continue to happen no matter how many tools are on the first line of defense, but the second line of defense — encryption — has been neglected for decades because data needs to be decrypted to be used. The only way forward is an always-encrypted approach,” says Tilo Weigandt, co-founder and COO of Vaultree.

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Among other developments, Vaultree is the first and only in-use data encryption solution provider to partner with Google’s AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, ushering in a new era with a fully functional encryption solution in the cloud. To further increase the use of its revolutionary data protection solution, Vaultree has also partnered with Qrypt. This partnership leverages Qrypt’s ability to independently generate identical symmetric keys to multiple endpoints and unique, future-proof, quantum-secure encryption, combined with Vaultree’s fully functional data-in-use encryption to enable fast and future-proof data processing in a cloud world.

“As things stand, we’re the only company in the world with the capability and innovation that we have. We will grow significantly over the next year enabling businesses to use our in-use data encryption technology. We have a strong focus on getting to market quickly, with our target markets being North America and Europe,” concludes Ryan Lasmaili, co-founder and CEO of Vaultree.

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