ValueLabs declares the success of AiDE™, its enterprise generative AI platform


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ValueLabs, a global technology services & solutions company, is proud to announce the remarkable success of its proprietary enterprise generative AI platform, AiDE™, a transformative solution that revolutionizes the daily activities of all 7,000+ engineers, testers, designers, and others at ValueLabs. As a SOC 2 Type II certified company, committed to data protection and data principles, ValueLabs has garnered significant interest from its 300+ clients for AiDE™. Powered by ValueLabs’ proprietary AiDE™ Fabric, the platform integrates the collective potential of industry leading LLMs and custom LLMs, to ensure quality output and optimized performance for different use cases. With the option for on-premises deployment, AiDE™ has been specifically engineered to alleviate enterprise security concerns.

Highlighting the ethical considerations and responsible approach taken by ValueLabs, Veda Reddy, CEO of Imagine, ValueLabs’ innovation arm said, “The integration of AiDE™ into our entire software development life cycle has been transformative. With custom LLMs trained on industry-specific data sets, prompt engineering abstraction, and advanced conversational AI, AiDE™ builds upon ValueLabs’ responsible AI principles – promoting security, reliability, accountability, inclusivity, and community benefit.”

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ValueLabs’ ground-breaking approach to generative AI empowers each user to securely leverage the AiDE™ platform adapted to the specific industry and service lines their clients are interested in. Designed to cater to a wide range of use cases, AiDE™ leverages state-of-the-art algorithms and advanced machine-learning techniques to guarantee efficiency across three dimensions – cost, speed, and quality. Compared to other commercially available models, AiDE™ offers relatively higher efficiency gains for enterprise use cases.

The success of AiDE™ can be seen in the time and cost savings it has delivered across a wide spectrum of ValueLabs’ clients. Some of the savings achieved across different service lines include:

  • Translated requirements into comprehensive user stories in less than a minute
  • Reduced migration efforts from legacy JSP pages to React by 66%
  • Reduced microservices development efforts by 69%
  • Decreased ETL development efforts by 43%
  • Decreased functional and automation test case generation efforts by up to 75%
  • Reduced performance testing efforts for messaging queues by 94%
  • Lowered IT support timelines by 90%, driven by Bolt Chat (an AiDE™ powered solution)

AiDE™ has assisted ValueLabs’ engineers in understanding requirements, generating code, troubleshooting errors, and delivering results – all while shrinking the time taken to acquire new skill sets. AiDE™’s advanced capabilities also serve as the foundation for other innovative solution suites developed by ValueLabs – providing seamless and intelligent conversational interfaces, enriching customer interactions, and streamlining support operations.

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Arjun Rao, Founder & CEO, ValueLabs affirmed, “In the past five months we have evolved to version 3.0 of AiDE™ – something that would have traditionally taken a few years. AI speed has now crashed time from years and months to days and hours! We are delivering significant efficiency gains, improving bottom lines, and transforming business models. The winners will be those who embrace this technology in a secure manner, leveraging their IP and data to establish a competitive edge.”

Highlighting the benefits of AiDE™, Abed Lawabni, VP of Engineering at Lifetouch, added, “AiDE™ is a very promising AI-based framework that can tremendously benefit enterprises in multiple areas ranging from development and quality engineering, to support and DevOps.

There are many unique differentiations that distinguish this AI-based framework from other evolving frameworks:

  • Highly tunable yet domain agnostic: Its custom LLM can be trained and tuned to specific domain data for more accurate and nuanced analysis.
  • Data security & privacy: This framework has a robust enterprise security and quality layer, and if desired, your data can be segregated. It addresses all privacy and security concerns.
  • Flexibility: It can be deployed on the cloud or on-prem.

We will be leveraging AiDE™ to build and launch our next-gen e-commerce platform at Lifetouch and are confident of the savings in terms of cost, speed, and quality, that we will realize.”

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