Unleash Innovation, Streamline Workflows, and Amplify Results with Infragistics Ultimate 23.1 UX/UI Toolkit Release


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Infragistics, the leading global provider of tools and solutions to accelerate design and development, today announced the launch of Infragistics Ultimate 23.1.

This latest iteration of Infragistics Ultimate, the company’s flagship UX and UI product, introduces significant enhancements in three key areas: App Builder, next-generation visualization experiences, and new controls in Blazor and Web Components. With Ultimate 23.1, developers can expedite project delivery, unleash advanced data visualization capabilities, and leverage the latest tools for building modern web applications.

Streamlining Development and Design-to-Code Workflows with App Builder

Digital product teams are accelerating the delivery of their projects up to 8x faster with App Builder. Ultimate 23.1 brings a host of new features to App Builder, including enhanced charting support, CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) support in Grid Controls and an updated design system to support Figma and its auto-layout features for design-to-code scenarios.

Highlights in Ultimate 23.1 for App Builder include:

  • Configure REST API methods POST/PUT/DELETE for a full end-to-end data entry experience when creating a data source based on OpenAPI definition.
  • Hierarchical data-binding support for TreeGrid and other controls that support hierarchical data.
  • Nested data binding in data-repeater components.
  • Group and aggregate functions in charting components.
  • New application samples for verticals, including healthcare, media, learning, inventory management and more.
  • On-Prem version of App Builder for security-focused customer deployments.
  • Design-to-Code for Figma, including the new auto-layout capabilities.
  • New Toolbox Items including Stepper, Select, Combo & Dialog.

Next-Generation Charting

Data Visualization is becoming the cornerstone of modern, interactive applications. With Ultimate 23.1, developers can deliver a next-generation visualization experience in their apps with the new Chart Toolbar. Built for the most demanding modern analytics needs, Chart Toolbar can access the chart’s data in real-time, allowing on-the-fly analysis for the most common data needs.

This includes Trend Lines, Statistical Analytics, and various interaction helpers. In addition, the toolbar offers several formatting options, such as displaying value overlays, data labels, crosshairs and grid lines, as well as extensible actions with custom buttons, which can significantly improve the chart’s usability and readability.

New Components in Blazor and Web Components 

Blazor is the hottest topic today for .NET developers looking to the web, and Web Components are the future for JavaScript developers looking for a platform-agnostic approach to building modern web applications. We continue to deliver best-of-breed components on these new platforms.

In Ultimate 23.1 for Blazor, we’ve added 5 new controls to the over 60 controls we already ship, including Pivot Grid, Stepper, Combo (Multi & Single Select), Dialog, and Select. Ignite UI for Blazor supports both Blazor Server and Blazor Web Assembly for the most feature-rich UI toolkit for .NET developers on the market today.

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We’ve added Pivot Grid, Stepper, and Combo (Multi & Single Select) in the Web Components product, which includes over 50 of the most modern UI controls for all your app dev needs.

Along with the full set of UI controls in each modern web platform, our goal is to deliver a seamless design-to-development experience with our complete design system – from UI Kits in Figma or Sketch to App Builder and then in generated code for your apps. Delivering all the modern web controls is the biggest piece of that experience, and every UI control we ship is included in the design system, ensuring a pixel-perfect design-to-code experience.

“As a testament to Infragistics’ commitment to excellence, we consistently deliver top-of-the-line components on the innovative Blazor and Web Components platforms,” said Jason Beres, SVP Developer Tools, Infragistics. “By leveraging Ultimate 23.1, developers have the capability to provide their apps with unparalleled visualization experiences to meet today’s demanding analytics needs and a host of new App Builder features accelerate project delivery.”

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