UiPath Releases New AI-powered Features and Developer Experiences to Speed Automation Across All Knowledge Work


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UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, today announced its latest platform features that help customers discover, automate, and operate at scale with AI-powered automation. The new features are designed to elevate how organizations can take action on information flows between the various systems, people, and communications necessary to get work done. The result is faster automation creation, time-to-value, and productivity gains.

AI is fundamentally changing how people work, altering the digital transformation strategies of business leaders who must accomplish more with fewer resources, drive growth, and maximize the value across business models in increasingly compressed time frames. With organizations under pressure to exceed these objectives, the UiPath Business Automation Platform is expanding its suite of products that provide every worker and developer with opportunities to shift from idea to action by automating more processes with access to enterprise-grade AI, new developer experiences, and enhanced governance and support capabilities.

“The continuous innovation of AI-powered automation in the UiPath Platform equates to limitless potential for organizations to meet their goals faster. Our open, flexible, and enterprise-ready platform enables customers to harness innovation through the AI ecosystem, including the newest foundational models and generative experiences,” said Graham Sheldon, Chief Product Officer at UiPath. “Customers want a single platform that enables end-to-end business process transformation. Developers, IT professionals, and business users can use AI responsibly with UiPath’s built-in enterprise-grade security, governance, and compliance. The release of new technologies and capabilities in our platform further accelerates how the C-level leaders can transform their businesses with automation.”

The UiPath Platform 2023.4 update delivers a host of new features including:

AI-powered automation: AI is embedded throughout the UiPath Platform, expanding the possibilities for building both simple and advanced automations. For example, UiPath Document Understanding now has 35 built-in models that constantly learn while validating business critical documents, continuously reducing the number of exceptions for human review. UiPath Communications Mining models are based on the latest LLMs, including Flan-T5 for its newest generative extraction feature. In addition to taking advantage of UiPath’s built-in AI, customers can bring their own AI models, or integrate external AI models from OpenAI, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and AWS.

  • Generative AI support: OpenAI connector provides predictive text and chat completion based on ChatGPT functionality and the Azure OpenAI Service.
  • Open Connectors: new connectors for leading AI services such as Google Vision, Microsoft Vision, Microsoft Sentiment, Microsoft Translator, and AWS SageMaker.
  • Clipboard AI™: advanced AI specifically for non-technical knowledge workers, takes the waste out of copy/paste. Clipboard AI learns while users perform daily repetitive work, such as copying high volumes of data from source spreadsheets, documents, apps, and photos and then pasting the data into new destinations with different formats, labels, and data conventionsClipboard AI can then perform the entire work on behalf of the worker.

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Powerful developer tools: new offerings extend options for both citizen developers and professional developers to put automation into practice faster with enhanced low-code tools, solution accelerators, and automated testing.

    • Studio Web: offers powerful tools for professional developers and simple and seamless experiences for citizen developers. Cross-platform users get browser-based access to a potent low-code build platform with no software installation required, making it fast and frictionless to expand access to every citizen developer.
    • Improved Attended Automation: a new capability in UiPath Studio for automation developers, Trigger-based Attended Automations deliver a richer experience by allowing developers to invoke automations based on specific user actions. Also, enhanced callouts can make existing software smarter. These enable users to add custom rules to their existing software suite (for example, character or numerical limits) all without needing to update the underlying application.
    • UiPath Apps enhancements: application life cycle management gets a boost as Apps makes it easier to deploy to folders, and Apps introduces a new highly flexible consumption licensing model for public-facing Apps. The addition of VB.NET expressions language unlocks a universe of new functionality for developers.
    • SAP Heatmap: testers and business analysts can instantly understand SAP health with an at-a-glance visualization that surfaces usage and test results.

“UiPath Studio Web is a fast and versatile tool that offers a frictionless start to automation and empowers users of all backgrounds and skills to build and test cross-platform automations with ease directly from their browser,” said Mannoj Batra, Vice President, RPA & Analytics at NatWest Group.

“At Carglass, we’ve used UiPath Apps for several years to make life easier for our customers and hundreds of mobile glass repair technicians. I’m very excited about the addition of VB Expressions and public-facing apps,” said Michael Jeppesen, RPA Developer at Carglass. “The new generation of Expressions will enable us to build more complex use cases and performant low-code apps.”

Enterprise-grade management, governance, and security

  • Robot livestreaming, remote control, and video recording: delivers maximum visibility into how unattended robots perform duties by livestreaming the execution, taking control remotely, and recording the last minutes of their sessions for later review or troubleshooting. This is an industry-first solution that results in better automations, with reliable and verifiable results, while also reducing total cost of ownership for customers that already use third-party tools for debugging.
  • Automation Cloud Robots: customers gain more choice on size and cost, “bring your own license”, UiPath Studio in the base image, Automatic VM Pools, and support for multiple runtimes on the same virtual machine—making Automation Cloud Robots the clear industry leader for robot capacity.
  • Simplified deployment of Automation Suite in the Public Cloud: AKS/EKS support enables deployment of Automation Suite on customer managed Kubernetes clusters from either Azure or AWS.

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Faster time to automation value

  • Solution Accelerators: packaged technical documentation, workflows, and models reduce customer time and expense on discovery, design, and development. Initial accelerators include IT Service Management, Finance: Purchase to Pay, and Healthcare: Digital Intake Optimization.
  • ROI comparison: easily discover the most impactful automations in terms of ROI, identify the gaps between estimations and actual results, and gain perspective to inform automation strategy.
  • Latest support programs: customers can easily access UiPath expert advice, ultra-fast response times, mission-critical support, and personalized guidance. UiPath Activate Success is ideal for companies looking to quickly unlock new automation opportunities, while UiPath Enterprise Success is best suited for organizations looking for a personalized, proactive approach to achieving business outcomes.
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