Tuya Smart and Amazon Web Services Collaborate to Establish an IoT Security Lab


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Tuya Smart, a global IoT developer service provider, announced at the re:Inforce China conference to have jointly established a “Collaborative Security Lab” with Amazon Web Services, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud. This initiative aims to fortify security, compliance capabilities, and technological innovation within the IoT industry, setting new benchmarks for security and compliance standards across the sector.

The collaboration will primarily focus on advancing security technology across four key domains: privacy computing, Matter PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), DevSecOps, and international data compliance.

Joy Liu, Chief Information Security Officer of Tuya Smart, said, “Since the first day of its establishment, Tuya has regarded security and compliance as the core of our strategy and has always persisted in long-term construction and investment in security. Our close cooperation with AWS for nearly ten years has resulted in a profound integration of our cloud security products. Through this collaboration we will further deepen our cooperation with AWS and work together to contribute more to the security development of the IoT industry.”

As of June. 30, 2023, the Tuya IoT Development Platform has accumulated over 846,000 registered developers from over 200 countries and regions. Tuya Smart’s unwavering commitment to fostering an open and neutral IoT developer platform, and building richer and safer interconnected application scenarios, has spurred years of active engagement in IoT security. This commitment is underscored by the establishment of proprietary security and compliance standards. Tuya also maintains close collaboration with industry standardization bodies, actively participating in the formulation of pivotal industry benchmarks.

At the same time, Tuya also actively promotes the knowledge and popularization of security standards. In 2018, it released the “Tuya Smart Security White Paper”. In addition, thanks to its emphasis on, and practice of, information security, in the “2022 Global IoT Security White Paper” jointly released by the Research Center for Cyber Governance (RCGCG) and ioXt Alliance (Internet of Secure Things Alliance) in 2022, Tuya Smart was selected as one of the enterprises with the best security practices in the industry.

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Tuya proactively explores security and compliance, serving as a role model for the industry. The company’s transparent and open information security strategy enhances the involvement of partners and experts, collectively solidifying industry standards. When designing products, Tuya dissects security specifications into tangible actions, ensuring the integration of security measures throughout the lifecycle of product and solution development. Concepts such as Zero Trust Provisioning, continuous monitoring, vulnerability mitigation, over-the-air upgrades, and user-focused privacy solutions collectively contribute to enhanced product security and reliability.

Given the surge of application scenarios and the number of devices in the IoT sector, security concerns have grown increasingly complicated. In response, the “Collaborative Security Lab,” a shared endeavor between Tuya Smart and AWS, leverages the strengths of both sides to fortify cooperation and exploration within the IoT domain. This collective endeavor seeks to deliver industry-wide solutions. Looking ahead, Tuya is poised to explore the integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) into IoT security practices, offering holistic information security to customers and end-users and propelling the IoT industry toward secure and sustainable growth.

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