Translucia Joins the MIT Media Lab to Explore New AI Technologies for Well-Being


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Translucia Co. has joined the MIT Media Lab as a Consortium Lab Project Member, to explore new cross-reality AI technologies with the goal of creating AI that promotes sustainable happiness and human-nature interactions in virtual and physical worlds.

Translucia, a new cutting-edge virtual world engine powered by AI, blockchain and immersive technologies is being developed by T&B Media Global and MQDC. The company aims to create a virtual universe with a fully developed ecosystem to serve and integrate with other platforms to create an interconnected Web 3 experience. Toward that goal, the company has joined with the MIT Media Lab to research new types of AI platforms, services, and applications.

As part of the collaboration, Translucia has partnered with MQDC Idyllias–which creates virtual worlds and real estate-based tech integrations–to further explore new possibilities for virtual world platforms.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO of T&B Media Global (Thailand) and founder of Translucia, said: “This collaboration gathers the outstanding talent of a world-class academic research lab with the commitment of the Translucia and MQDC Idyllias teams, to explore ways that a virtual world might foster an ethical, environmentally friendly community that drives economic development. The knowledge, technologies and research insights from the joint efforts of the MIT Media Lab, Translucia, and MQDC Idyllias could help to advance sustainnovation (innovative and sustainable technology) upon which new virtual worlds can be developed in the future,” said Dr Jwanwat.

Unlike other virtual projects, Mr Phantabat Santimakorn, Translucia Chief Business Development Officer, said, “Translucia is being developed as an infinite universe of interconnected virtual worlds. We therefore greatly value the opportunity to collaborate with an advanced research center such as the Media Lab, which has multidisciplinary expertise and experience, spanning many fields,” he said.

“Collaboration with world-class technology centers such as the MIT Media Lab is key to exploring these capabilities,” Santimakorn continued. “Initially, we will look to jointly research a technology stack to support the connection between different metaverses, as well as explore a series of AI technologies. This will be key in one day developing an ecosystem that supports the formation of an environmentally interactive, sustainable world of happiness. Additionally, we will also collaborate with MQDC Idyllias, and the virtual worlds being developed can likewise be explored as a platform for the research collaboration.

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Mr Parut Penpayap, CEO of MQDC Idyllias, the company spearheading the virtual world project for leading property developer MQDC, and also Translucia’s first partner, said: “Initially, we will jointly explore AI technology and solutions to embrace sustainability and healthy living ‘For All Well-Being’.  We hope to unlock capabilities that positively impact the well-being of all through human-nature interactions and supplement them mentally and physically with new technologies that seamlessly connect experiences across the real and virtual worlds. As Translucia develops its academic collaboration with the Media Lab, we will also explore use cases that leverage these new technologies to enhance the experiences of ‘For All Well-Being’,at the Forestias, MQDC’s theme mix-used project. This initiative aims to bridge the divide between the physical Forestias and its virtual representation. Our goal is to further develop this exciting research into the future.” Mr. Penpayap said.

Professor Pattie Maes, Media Lab Professor of Media Arts and Sciences said, “The MIT Media Lab shares an interest in enhancing people’s quality of life and well-being in a close relationship with nature, and of living in harmony with nature. We look forward to collaborating with Translucia to explore novel ways that technologies such as sensor networks, AI, and interactive experiences can enable that mutually beneficial relationship.”

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