The worst video games to play with family this Christmas – Star Wars Battlefront II ranked top


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A new study has revealed the worst video games to play with your family this Christmas – with Star Wars Battlefront II ranked top.   

The research, conducted by Hearts.Land gathered data on 50 local multiplayer video games averaging user reviews from Metacritic, GameSpot, and IGN, to find the top family-friendly video games.   

To make this accessible to families of all ages, the study has omitted any games that include blood, swearing, and other mature themes.    

Star Wars Battlefront II is placed top with a rating of 4.6 – which is 38.5% lower than the average game rating. The game features both ground and space battles, allowing players to engage in large-scale multiplayer battles across various iconic Star Wars locations.

However, the game was rated poorly in the study when it comes to its family-friendly score, as there’s a lack of competitive elements when compared to other titles, and mature themes like shooting, violence, and romance. 

The second least recommended game to play this Christmas is Gran Turismo 7, with a rating of 5.8. The simulation game emulates a realistic driving experience and while it does have competition, it lacks the encouragement of teamwork when compared to other titles. 

The LEGO Movie 2 video game takes third spot with 5.9. Each LEGO environment is different with its own puzzles and challenges, with different characters having their own unique talents. Though users may find this game to be tedious over time.  

The lowest scorer’s predecessor, Star Wars Battlefront, places fourth with a rating of 6.03, followed closely by LEGO The Incredibles in fifth with a rating of 6.7.  

The ten worst games to play with family this Christmas 

Rank    Video Game Average user rating Completion Time         
1 Star Wars Battlefront II 4.63 6 hours
2 Gran Turismo 7 5.80 25 hours
3 LEGO Movie 2 5.90 6 hours
4 Star Wars Battlefront 6.03 24 hours
5 LEGO The Incredibles 6.73 7 hours
6 LEGO The Ninjago Movie 6.83 6 hours
7 Minecraft Dungeons 6.90 5.5 hours
8 LEGO Movie 7.06 7.5 hours
9 Team Sonic Racing 7.10 9 hours
10 LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 7.13 12.5 hours


On the other end of the scale, Portal 2 is named the best family-friendly video game to play this Christmas, with a rating of 9.06 – a 20% increase compared to Star Wars Battlefront II.   

It Takes Two is ranked second most recommended with a rating of 8.86 and followed by Nintendo’s Stardew Valley in in third with 8.70.   

As well as looking at the top user-rated video games, the analysis also looked at which of the games had the lowest completion time – with Crawl ranking first with just 1 hour. 

A video game with a low completion time for the main story is ideal for a family over Christmas, as it works around busy schedules and offers replayability.

The second and third best games for minimal time commitment are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge and Untitled Goose Game – both with 3 hours. 

Interestingly, the video game with the highest completion time is Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 with 140 hours for co-op mode with your family – an 853% increase compared to the average.

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Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson at Hearts.Land said: Family video games can be a fantastic choice for Christmas, fostering a sense of togetherness and fun for everyone involved.

“Many family video games encourage collaboration and teamwork. Whether it’s solving puzzles together, competing as a team, or working towards a common goal, these games can enhance family dynamics and communication.  

“The joy and laughter shared during family video game sessions can create lasting memories. These shared experiences can become cherished stories that family members reminisce about for years to come.”  

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