The Linux Foundation Releases Schedule for WasmCon 2023


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The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the schedule for WasmCon, a new event for developers, engineers, architects, and business leaders exploring the vast potential of WebAssembly (Wasm). WasmCon takes place September 6-7, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, Washington.

The inaugural WasmCon aims to provide a forum for attendees to learn from and network with industry experts about the latest tools, trends, and emerging technologies in the WebAssembly community. The event will feature keynotes, technical sessions, and hands-on workshops led by industry technologists who will cover a breadth of WebAssembly topics such as cloud, emerging technologies, tooling and ecosystems, real-world use cases, and security, among others.

WasmCon Schedule Highlights Include:

  • JavaScript Toolchain for WebAssembly Components: Guy Bedford, Principal Software Engineer, Web Assembly, Fastly
  • Security and Correctness in Wasmtime: Nick Fitzgerald, TSC Chair, Bytecode Alliance
  • Wasm, Kubernetes, Native, or What Else? An Enterprise Architecture Debrief: Sean Isom, Sr. Engineering Manager, ex-Adobe
  • From Wazero to Wazhero: An Introduction to Wazero for Gophers and Other Species – Edoardo Vacchi, WebAssembly Core Engineer,
  • WASM in ByteFaaS, Past, Present, and Future: Wilson Wang, Research Engineer, ByteDance

WasmCon will also feature co-located events and workshops including Rust Global, an event hosted by The Rust Foundation to foster learning and discussion among global business leaders and Rust programming language advocates. Taking place on September 6, Rust Global is an opportunity for technology decision makers, business leaders, and Rust advocates to connect with, learn from, and inspire one another. View the full schedule here.

Rust Global Schedule Highlights Include:

  • Building iOS, Android and Web Apps That Share a Single Rust Core – Stewart Harris, Founder and Chief Scientist, Red Badger
  • A Web of Rust: the Future of the Internet Depends on Trust – Hannah Aubry, Sr. Community Manager, DevEx, Fastly
  • Wasm and Rust in the World of LLM Applications – Michael Yuan, Founder, WasmEdge / Second State

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Early Bird registration for WasmCon is offered for US$399 now through August 7, which represents a savings of US$200. Special registration rates of US$199 are also available for hobbyists, academics, and students.

To register for Rust Global, please register for WasmCon and add on Rust Global for US$15.

Members of The Linux Foundation receive a 20 percent discount off registration and can contact to request a member discount code.

Event Sponsors

WasmCon 2023 is made possible thanks to event sponsors including:

  • Diamond: Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Cosmonic, Fermyon, and Midokura;
  • Platinum: Microsoft Azure;
  • Gold: F5; and
  • Partner: Bytecode Alliance.
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