Synopsys Collaborates with NowSecure and Secure Code Warrior


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Synopsys, Inc., today announced the details around two new collaboration agreements with NowSecure, recognized experts in mobile security and privacy, and Secure Code Warrior, provider of the leading agile learning platform for developer-driven security, to expand its Software Integrity Group’s industry-leading portfolio of application security testing (AST) solutions.

Synopsys is introducing two new application security solutions leveraging these strategic partners: Synopsys Mobile Application Security Testing powered by NowSecure and Synopsys Developer Security Training powered by Secure Code Warrior. Both are available today worldwide.

“Partnering with two of the most prominent leaders in their respective areas of cybersecurity allows Synopsys’ global roster of customers to stay ahead of the continually evolving threat landscape,” said Jason Schmitt, general manager of the Synopsys Software Integrity Group. “The NowSecure automated mobile capabilities seamlessly complement Synopsys’ industry-leading managed services in mobile application security testing to provide an unparalleled level of coverage and scalability. Additionally, reducing software risk must begin at the developer desktop, and Secure Code Warrior’s developer-centric approach to security training has proven to be effective in embedding secure coding principles into an organization’s development culture.”

The Industry’s Leading Mobile Application Security Testing – Now Faster and More Comprehensive

The Synopsys Software Integrity Group’s strategic collaboration with NowSecure introduces an automated continuous mobile application security testing (MAST) solution purpose-built for securing the complex infrastructure of the modern mobile software development lifecycle (SDLC).

The new offering, designed to supplement Synopsys’ industry-leading managed MAST services, provides an unmatched level of testing coverage though rapid, automated and language-agnostic static, dynamic, interactive and API security testing of Android and iOS binaries. Additionally, Mobile Application Security Testing allows development and security teams to analyze a mobile application’s components, including open-source components, third-party software development kits (SDKs), and transitive dependencies—as well as implement standards-based automated security testing into continuous integration and continuous delivery/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

“We are excited to join Synopsys to deliver the most complete application security solution suite in the industry,” said Alan Snyder, CEO of NowSecure. “Mobile apps now dominate the global economy and have become the primary engagement and revenue platform for nearly every business, agency and organization around the world. As a mobile-first, mobile-only company for more than a decade, we help enterprises secure and protect millions of mobile users. Today our partnership with Synopsys will make it easier for organizations to cover all aspects of application security.”

Fostering Developer-Driven Security at Enterprise Scale

Synopsys Developer Security Training, powered by Secure Code Warrior, is an enterprise-grade agile learning platform designed to help developers become security-capable while also giving security leaders a streamlined method for standardizing security practices across the organization.

Featuring more than 8,000 learning experiences from self-paced educational resources, interactive challenges mimicking real-world scenarios, step-by-step walkthroughs, assessments, and more. Developer Security Training provides a hands-on approach to training modern software development and engineering teams. With content currently spanning more than 60 coding languages and development frameworks and growing, teams can tailor security training activities to align with each developer’s specific area of focus, whether web, mobile, API or many others.

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Through its native integrations with Synopsys Coverity®, Synopsys Seeker®, and Synopsys’ recently launched Software Risk Manager – a powerful application security posture management (ASPM) solution enabling security and development teams to streamline application security testing activities across the organization. Developer Security Training provides teams with a closed-loop solution for mitigating and precluding security issues across the SDLC and directly from integrated development environments (IDEs) at the developer desktop.

“The security of software is critical for all companies and their DevSecOps strategy, and we’re ecstatic about the opportunity to partner with Synopsys to enable more agile learning experiences for software developers around the globe,” said Pieter Danhieux, co-founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior. “Teaching software teams to code with secure programming techniques at the start of the development cycle mitigates vulnerability risk. Through these direct integrations and AI capabilities within our platform, organizations that use Synopsys’ Developer Security Training powered by Secure Code Warrior are putting developers and engineers in better positions to thrive and be security-capable in ways that matter most to their businesses.”

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