SUNMI Launches another GMS eligible Product L2s PRO at NRF 2023


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SUNMI, a business digitization solutions provider, showcased its groundbreaking innovations for the retail business at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2023. With new IoT-powered business solutions for multiple scenarios, SUNMI demonstrates its wide ranges of IoT devices including payment, mobile, desktop terminals, kiosks and platform services. Whether customers from the warehousing, logistics or grocery industry, there must be Android devices for them.

No physical business will be immune to the impact of epidemic, but some ache, while some thrive with digital transformation, showing the necessity and great potential of online-offline integration. In global market, the solutions for mobile payment have quickly veered the retail industry into a new digital era.

“Through competitive IoT products, operating systems and End-To-End Platform, SUNMI is leading the move to Android for business digitization solutions with attractive offerings and a full ecosystem.” said Zach Chang, General Manager of SUNMI North America.

During NRF 2023, SUNMI launched a new upgraded smart mobile terminal L2s PRO, with fast and seamless barcode scanning. Which supports read scratched, stained, crinkled barcodes up to 1m away even on the high shelves in your warehouse. L2s PRO smooths operations. Now stock taking, even for a whole warehouse, only takes a few hours. Every outbound/inbound delivery, recorded by just a scan of barcode, also timely reminds of replenishment, thus efficiently preventing costly out-of-stocks.

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“The digitisation of physical business is not just about improving payment experience, it’s time to PRO your frontline operations.” said the product manager of L2s PRO.

More significantly, SUNMI L2s PRO is also certified by GMS, together with SUNMI V2s, SUNMI V2s PLUS, SUNMI L2H, SUNMI L2Ks. For quick and easy deployment of SUNMI GMS certified Android devices with immediate remote activation and configuration, SUNMI provides Zero-touch enrollment. Customers’ IT department can easily deploy SUNMI devices on a large scale without having to manually configure each device.

Alongside SUNMI’s groundbreaking android devices are this year’s headline software services options to fit any business. Customers can from the cloud manage all company-owned devices, apps and contents efficiently, easily and securely on SUNM DMP(SUNMI Device Management Platform). RKI is a cloud-terminal integrated system designed for secure, efficient and convenient key injection, which is especially important for customers in the financial industry.

So far, SUNMI’s business IoT products and solutions have found their way to over 200 countries, regions, and territories, serving more than 3 million merchants every month. SUNMI App Store has become the world’s biggest App store for business, with over 32,000 developers and 18,000 Apps designed for the retail, food & beverage, payment, healthcare, services and other industries. SUNMI has established 36 experience centers SUNMI Home in ShanghaiBeijingPhnom PenhLyonDubai, among other 31 cities around the world.

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