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STUNT™, the first and only social media platform built exclusively for sports fans and personalities to share their opinions, be discovered, and interact with their favorite teams and fellow fans, announces its first official B2B partner, Gamactica.

Gamactica is a content creation and growth platform combining social media, content creation, internet marketing, and award-winning search engine optimization to deliver an innovative resource for monetization and engagement. It is the only platform allowing creators, brands, and influencers in all industries to access powerful marketing and branding tools to boost visibility, brand value, and revenue potential.

At the service level, Gamactica is a leading platform for internet marketing innovation, providing resources in affordable memberships for audiences and fans to discover, connect, and engage with the content they love.

As a part of our partnership, Gamactica will perform SEO work for STUNT™ and offer a 50% discount on premium services, allowing them to grow their audience, brand, media coverage, and monetization efforts for a flat monthly rate of $4.99.

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Gamactica will also list creators on STUNT™ in their Sports and Podcast Search Engines, ranked globally in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and provide optimized connectivity between creators and audiences at no cost. Members of STUNT™ interested in being listed simply need to create a profile on and fill out the application form.

“Our partnership with Gamactica is a game-changer for STUNT™ and our users. It provides access to Gamactica’s high-end SEO services and opens the door for even more opportunities for interaction and connection within the sports community. With Gamactica’s help, our users can find their online brands faster in different places, getting listed in various internet directories. We’re excited to see the impact this partnership will have on our platform and the sports community as a whole.” — Josh Carney and Arnold Connell: Founders of STUNT™

This partnership will allow STUNT™ and Gamactica to offer their respective communities access to even more diverse and engaging content and services and new opportunities for interaction and connection.

“This partnership presents an incredible opportunity for creators, brands, hosts, and influencers in the sports realm to scale and optimize like never before. The importance of search engine optimization and internet marketing is paramount, particularly in content creation, and we are honored to bring our award-winning impact to the STUNT™ platform. We look forward to working with STUNT™, and their creators, on creating an incredible experience for sports fans and content.” — Anthony DiMoro: Founder & CEO of Gamactica

We look forward to the exciting opportunities and content this partnership will bring to both STUNT™ and Gamactica communities.

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